I need some help quick! My chicks keep dying!

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Jan 26, 2010
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Yesterday afternoon I go out to check my month old chicks, and one of them is dead! Then this morning another one was dead? I don't know what to do!! Both of the ones that died are game X EE chicks. And there is another chick that is acting strange!!!! And he is my favorite one!!! HELP PLEASE!!! I just put them all outside. I have been giving them chick starter, and water w/ ACV in it. Do they need grit? Sunshine? What? I did put some new chicks in there with them. They came from a hatchery, but they are on the other side of the brooder. I was wondering if they have a disease of something and gave it to mine? Any help would be just great!!! Thanks!!!
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sounds like your doing everything right???
Hope someone can help you out:idunno
Well the chick that is acting wierd is just kind of moving slow and isn't really running around like the other chicks are doing.
They have had hay for bedding since they're hatched. I don't think they have eaten anyting weird. All they have had is chick starter and water with ACV in it? They may have eaten some grass & dirt. But that's normal when they're outside.
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I see you're from Texas. I live an hour out of Austin and have some friends at church who bought chicks this year at a feed store in Austin. They started out with eight and have only one left. Their 9 year old saw one of them die and said it kind of coughed and just fell over dead. Wonder if they're all from the same hatchery... They don't have these chicks with their three adult hens so they haven't lost any of them.

Sorry for your loss!

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