I need some help with building my brooder! PLEASE

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  1. I am wanting to build a brooder that will hold 10-15 standard chicks for 5 weeks, so I was thinking a 3x5 brooder. I have some leftover hardware cloth and plywood i'll probably use. What else do y'all think I need? Do any of you have any pictures, plans, ideas, and/or advice?

    Thanks! [​IMG]
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    It really doesn't take anything fancy. A cardboard ring or a large refrigerator box on the garage floor is fine. One time I scrounged up some old chicken wire, formed it into a ring and just draped a cheap blue tarp over it. When it came time to clean up we just bundled the tarp to contain everything and went and emptied the tarp into the compost pile.
  4. Thanks and I will look on the thread! I was wanting more of a permant solution. [​IMG]
  5. [​IMG]

    just a 3x4' box. mostly made of scraps.

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    Quote:That's a nifty box! [​IMG]
  7. Quote:That's a nifty box! [​IMG]

    x2! I really like it, and it looks easy to make too! [​IMG] from me.
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    I'm in the brooder thread too.

    Giant Monkey-wards tub....
  9. Quote:Thank you! I watched the video. [​IMG]

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    Quote:I use a small hard plastic childrens swimming pool. Hardware cloth on top with a door cut into it. Covered with a tarp or plywood on top to keep the heat in and a heat lamp hanging in the middle off a board layed across the whole thing. Those pools are about eight inches deep and by the time the chicks are ready to be put out in the coop they will be bumping their heads occasionally. The chicks will have room to run about and when they need it will warm up under the heat lamp. I put the water and food off to the side so the nappers wont be disturbed by the eaters and drinkers.

    I have also seen a big plastic storage tub done the same way. the plus side to that is you can see through the tub. But I like the pool better because they have more room. And they have no corners to get hung up in.

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