I need some help with my sick lady.

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5 Years
Apr 25, 2014
I need some help..I have a sick lady. just over 2 weeks ago I noticed she wasn't looking herself so brought her in, saw an adult roundworm come out on poo. Put wazine17 in water for a day as directed. Not sure how much she drank. Kept her in with me a few more days and saw some improvement. She rejoined my flock of 17 outdoors. I re-treated everyone with the wazine17 a second time 12 days after 1st dose. About a week passed and I noticed she was droopy again and limping a little and appears to be panting to breath occasionally. So, in she came... I dosed her (4 drops from syringe) with pour on ivermectin. Again, she seemed considerably better in 2days. Last night, she did not want to roost and is back indoors with me. She has definitely lost weight during this process and am concerned she's not getting enough water and food intake. She did eat a little sweet potato, milk & cracked corn but seems very week, only stands for a few minutes at a time. Poo is runny whitish-yellow with a little bit of green clumps. Do you think I need to keep worming her, start tube feeding, treat with an antibiotic, ... ???? Her name is Bonnie and she's super sweet! No vets around here see chickens...Bonnie & I need some help! Thanks!

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I am sorry about your hen. From the sounds of the poop consistency, she is not eating or drinking much. You might try some safeguard horse wormer paste on her. Wazine does kill round worms, but that is it. And if she has some other types of worms, they are still thriving. If she didn't drink enough of the Wazine either, she will still have round worms. You can get this stuff and any feed store in the horse section or even Walmart in the pet section. Put a pea sized dolup on a tiny piece of bread and feed it to her. You will repeat this again in 12 days. This way you will know she is wormed.

If she does not improve, she could have some bacterial infection as well. You could try some Sulfadimethoxine or some Duramycin in the water and see if this doesn't help her.

You can also post this question in our emergency section for more help with this...


I hope you can get her back to health soon.
Hello :frow and Welcome To BYC! Sorry about your hen, X2 on posting in the Emergencies forum about her that TwoCrows linked for you.

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