I need some help with what to tell my neighbor. Please

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Okay..this is going to be looong..

So, i am blessed to have very decent neighbors. All of them. They tolerate ALL my critters. Some of which i'm not even 100% sure i'm legal for. Shhh!

So..anyways...I live in the house that my grandmother lived in. And across the road from me is a neighbor that has been here since i was a child. I grew up with their daughters..
The man is a little nutty...plays with guns too much.
But they are good neighbors, and so i dont want to upset them.
But the problem is.. they have a grandson that is maybe around 4-5 yrs old. Lets just call him Damien, for the sake of this thread.
THis kid is a holy terror! Something is wrong with him...And i'm not kidding! But...anyways..hes not my problem..UNTIL..they bring him down here to "visit" my animals. UGH!

He chases my chickens and ducks and poor pigs around...and around..and around, yelling at them the whole time...he grabs at them and scares them. He goes into the coop and corners them... When i tell him to stop..he yells at me and usually throws or damages something..(last time it was the canvas shade cover on a dog kennel, he ripped it..) and his grandparents just stand there and kinda laugh at him like hes cute or something.. Huh??

So, I step in and correct him (i feel akward doing it, because they are standing right there..but ooh well) I tell him to stop and that if he dosent stop he has to leave my yard. He dosent listen...

So...you'd THINK the grandparents would get the hint and say..."come on Damien! Youre not behaving..we have to leave"
Noooo...they dont! And i feel bad..i just cant throw them out!

THey knocked at my door today with little Damien...I didnt answer it.

HOW do i tell them not to bring little Satan down here anymore?
PLUS..i have 4 roos..and a couple of them are getting a bit brave...like they're gonna challenge us someday soon...AND my mean butt gander...i'm afraid he'll hurt the kid! Heck, he(gander) made ME trip today and land in his kiddie pool! THen he jumped on me!
So...how would you handle this situation? Again, they are really nice people and tolerate all my animal noise... But Damien has to go!

Redhen, I feel for ya. Can you tell them that the roos are getting more agressive/dangerous/territorial and that little Damien could get very seriously hurt?

Or can you hold his hand and not let go when he visits?
I would just bring it up as a concern for the child and that you just do not want to risk him getting hurt, etc.

And let the little brat go to the zoo or a petting zoo__or better yet, watch the animals on tv!
I would tell them that one of the chickens has lice, and that once one gets it, you have to be VERY careful because others may have it and its sometimes hard to see. Tell them you really dont want him to get lice and until you are sure its under control, you dont want to allow visitors to the animals
I've tried holding his hand and showing him the animals calmly..he wrenches his hand away...and just starts chasing them...
your house, your rules! If he can't play nice, he can't play at all. Explain to him WHY it is important to be careful and what roosters can do to little children. Smile and pat his head!

now if he still does it let the parents know you can't let him over because you fear for "his"safety from the roosters. Blame the roosters not the kids, then the parents won't be affended!
Hen_House_Rocks! :

Hang garlic cloves around the property and sprinkle holy water. That should do the trick!

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