I need some information, I have a broody hen but no eggs for a few weeks

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by Nallah, Jan 16, 2012.

  1. Nallah

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    Jan 16, 2012
    My serama hen went broody about a week ago but she has no eggs and all the others around her are too young to lay eggs. She has only layed 2 eggs, one was soft shelled and slightly deformed and 2 days later she had another that was normal and that was at the end of december and none since, I've checked her out to see if shes "egg bound" but didn't feel anything. She in a coop / run with 2 serama rooster, 7 australorp pullets and an australorp cockerel and she stays inside, sitting on a nest with no eggs. The few times ive shooed her out to make her eat she is real testy with the other girls. She is on Layer feed.

    Any ideas on what to do / whats wrong?
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    You can always get her some fertile eggs to hatch. The BYC auctions have a lot of variety, or you can ask on your local Craigslist to see if anyone nearby has fertile eggs.
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    If she's been on the nest for a while, you may be able to skip the eggs and get her some young chicks to put under her at night.
    If you don't want her broody, some people put the hen that is broody in a cage with a wire bottom.
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    I would just unbroody her at this time... let her start laying again in a couple of weeks... when they stay broody they don't eat like they should, and its not a good time of year to raise chicks anyway... to unbroody her, put her in a crate or area where she cannot build a nest... typically just moving them to another area works (penned off from the nesting box), make sure she has fresh water and food available. Usually takes 24 hours of separation for her to cool off.

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