I need some smart and creative help :D Nothing to do with chickens


Aug 12, 2018
orlando florida
Like the title said it has absolutely nothing to do with chickens. I work for an aviation service and we were restoring leather seats and stuff.... But there is a slight problem. The prep takes forever :l I'll explain it and then show you a couple of pictures. So in order to paint we need to protect the walls, arm-rests and seat trays from getting painted. However the seat trays require us to wedge a pillowcase(that's what we use) into the cracks. But it's very very time consuming. So I'm on a mission to try to think of a way that would speed the process up. We've tried tape, news papers, magazines and stuff like that. MY idea which was tedious by itself and would require my personal setup at home outside of work.. But to attach a wire cable that you might see on a truck but one of the more plastic looking ones. It doesn't even have to be a cable but just a strand of plastic like that something cheap or stuff I may be able to find in a dump or something, and glue them onto the inside edges that way instead of using a pick we can just push the small cable lined cases in the cracks. Any thoughts? Idea? opinions? lol I know it's super off topic but times are hard and we're desperate


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I'm not totally sure, but this may help.
Consider getting a vinyl siding panel and cutting it to fit the contour. Paint, and remove and go to next seat. You may need a few different pieces in varying dimensions.
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Smooth areas you could coat with liquid latex , do your painting then peel the latex. Really this works on any surface except cloth. As far as blocking larger gaps, modeling clay can be used. You can let it dry and make a reusable blocker if you're always working with the same dimensions or not dry it ball it up and reuse that way.:)

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