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  1. kriztophneedsyourhelp

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    Jul 17, 2011

    My names Chris and I am currently studying Design & Technology A-Level at my 6th Form College.

    For my coursework I am designing and making an automatic chicken feeder & waterer for domestic chicken owners to go in their coups.

    But, for the design brief and some other parts of the project, I need a client to base the profile on. So what I was wondering was, if anyone is willing to help me in completing my coursework by being my client.

    What you'll need to do:

    -Answer some questions
    -Provide basic information about yourself
    -Provide pictures of your coup & chickens
    -provide photos of current feeders & waterers you have.

    You help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks. Chris [​IMG]
  2. ChicKat

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    Hey Chris,

    How great that you are taking on this challenge for your course work.

    What criteria do you want for your client?

    I have 3 hens in an Eglu GO, at the moment. I also have obtained an Eglu Classic. If you are looking for someone with a bigger flock or multiple flocks--- I will fully understand, as they would process more chicken feed more quickly. on the other hand...if you don't get any 'takers' Then I will be a volunteer.

    You can email me if you select my bunch. Picts of my chicks are on the my page here on byc. (they are not the most picturesque.)

    Good luck with your project!
  3. mysweetgypsy

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    May 1, 2011
    I might beable to help also. I live in the exact opposite climate [​IMG] Where I am it's never very hot but gets terribly cold in winter. I have 15 chickens, 9 in an outdoor coop and run, (as soon as my husband gets the run finished). So for now my girls are in the coop 24/7, it's 8x4. Fortunately they are still very young, 17 weeks. The other 6 are in the brooder, just a few weeks old. If I can answer any questions I would be more than happy to. Good luck [​IMG]

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