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    My sister and mom want to show birds in PA this year that is the state they live in.
    If they can get it all figured out I will also show with them. I am from NY
    I am NPIP tested in NY but that isn't any help for PA.

    I think PA requires different proceedures and aditional testing..??????????????
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    She probably needs to contact the Department of Agriculture for specifics.

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    Animal Health & Diagnostic Services

    call this # and ask for michelle she is the npip person ya need to talk to. she is who i got my paper work from. i can't remember her last name but she is the only michelle i know there. if they don't know who it is ask for mary bates, she will know who she is and transfer you to her.

    the only vaccine ya need to show is for ilt it needs to be the vaccine called lt-ivax, they will not except any other vaccine for it. it's the mildest form ya can get and won't spreed to other birds but you must vaccinate all birds. u have 1 hour to use the vaccine after mixing. birds have to be 4 weeks of age or older. put one drop in 1 eye and wait for it to disapear before ya let go of the head, that way ya know they swallow. contain all birds first before mixing then move one at a time after given it to other pens so u can do it faster and know who has and hasn't gotten the vaccine. you cannot show for 30 days after given the vaccine because it is possible to infect other birds who have not had it.

    the cheapest place i found to get it is twin city supply. vac is $16+priority and the cooler and ice pack are free everywhere else ya have to pay about $10 just for the cooler and ice.



    forgot to add they have to be vaccinated yearly to show. dh mike and i will be showing this year again but more shows so i hope to meet you all sometime at one of the shows. if they are just showing they don't need to be npip they only need ai and pt tested and the vet test results showing negative. when i test birds and get samples back they send both me and the breeder the lab results that's all you need is that paper for verification from the state vet, you do a health certificate paper to the best of ur knowledge and the entry form.

    here is a link also that should help with showing. it's the 08 rules and regulations for the pa farm show if a bird is on this list it has to be allowed anywhere in the state. usually everyone bases off of that for their premium list.
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