I need the eggs to be soy-free, any suggestions with feed?


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Dec 9, 2011
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My chickens aren't old enough yet to lay, but in a month or two it should start. I would like to know the best feed to give my chickens that would produce soy-free eggs. I am hypothyroid and soy wreaks havoc with my thyroid medicine and metabolism. Right now they are on start and grow, but I can't find anything on the Purina website regarding soy in any of their feed lines. Anyone have suggestions?
i don't think even if they eat soy that its compounds would be found in the egg. and the grain that soy originates from is in all chicken food because people want "vegetarian" feed for their chickens but the birds still need % amount of protein in their diet.
There is currently little information regarding soy alleries being affected by chickens meat or eggs that are fed soy. If you are really concerned then you will probably need to find a feed mill that mixes their own feed and ask for soy free. In order to get the protein % up they will be adding in higher priced grains though. Good luck, avoiding soy is pretty tricky these days.

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