I need to know the breed and gender of each chick!!! Be the first to answer!


7 Years
Apr 28, 2012
Brockville, On

This is Miller, he/she was bred where chanteclers, cochins, minorcas and mille fleur barbu d'uccle had free choice who to breed to. Could this be a white chantcler cross with a partridge chantecler? I think it has a pea or rose comb. Does anyone know the breed and/or gender?

This is buckwheat, I have no idea what he/she is. Don't know what breed and/or breeds his parents were. And any idea on gender and breed?

This is a mille fleur barbu d'uccle. Any idea on gender?

The top picture and the chick on the right is a rhode island red. I think is a pullet because it allows me to pick it ip without any trouble and has a slightly smaller comb than the rhode island red in the bottom pic. The bottom pic chick comb seems to be pointing up more in the middle while the other has a straight line comb. It is somewhat heavier and I think has longer legs. It also is growing its neck and head feathers faster than the other. What do you think?

Sorry about the quality but it is very hard to get them to stay still.
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