i need to no if these two 12 week old easter eggers are rooster or pullets

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Apr 17, 2013
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[/IMG][/IMG] please help me. I don't no there sex your opinion matters thanks.
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I think hens. whatever they are, if they were different you would without a doubt know which were which. I had two and by five weeks I could compare the two and tell the cockrel from the hen. However they are quite red, so maybe cockrels??

Sorry I'm no help.
They both have such red combs. I am thinking the second one must be a roo. The first, it has a red face, way to red to be a 15 week old pullet. Probably a roo too.

With EE's, there are other ways to identify their gender. Color is a huge indicator. Could you post some pictures of them showing their bodies?

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