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May 2, 2012
I went out to feed and put the animals up for the evening. One of my Buff Rock hens was in a nesting box. Two other hens were pecking at her rear under her tail. I chased them off and realized the hen was bleeding. I lifted her up enough so that I could see where the blood was coming from. It looked like she had tried to "lay" her internal organs rather than an egg.

I've had chicken for 30 years and have never seen anything like this. Does anyone in the backyard know what happened?
She has prolapsed her reproductive tract. Do a search - I thik there ae threads on how to deal with this. Good luck. It is a very serious situation.
Look up 'prolapse'. There is a lot of valuable information on here that will help you. How is the hen? Is she alive and have you removed her from the other hens? It can be treated, sometimes very successfully! GOOD LUCK! (I haven't had to deal with it myself either.... but it seems that is isn't as uncommon as you may think!)
I looked up prolapse, the pictures and the treatments. The pics show very small prolapses. This hen has the size of a softball. She's in the sick pen, in the barn by herself. She doesn't seem to be in pain although she hasn't moved since I put her in the nest box. I have honey and witch hazel so i'm going to try.... She really is a nice hen.
I treated her last night and tucked her in. This morning when I went out, she had died. It was really bad, much worse than the pictures I looked at. Sometimes nature wins.....
Awww, sorry to hear that. I never realized all the things that could happen to chickens until I started hanging out here (and I've only been a chicken owner for 3 weeks now and have encountered some of my own difficulties so far).
I have kept chickens for eggs for almost 30 years. I've never had a hen prolapse before. Based on what I've read, i've been extremely lucky.
I had a Rooster that would follow me around. I was the only one he would let hold him. The other rooster killed him. It was awful!!!

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