I need to vent about Girl Scouts


11 Years
Apr 13, 2008
I am getting so tired of volunteering just to get treated like dirt and yelled at. I did this so I could do something for me, once a week getting away from the house, doing something fun. My girls are older, 6,7,8th grade, which it good because I didn't want to feel like I was just babysitting. Okay well really all year I have been going from one parent upset with me to another. This time it was because the they double booked a cookie booth, I waited 15 monutes and then went home to call everybody. Well I have this one parent that is mad because she had to wait for me! I am waiting on, and babysitting these girls all the time. I take them home when need be, everything for these girl, I just can't believe the parents are mad at me. I mean really upset, I didn't even do anything. I don't have the extra $$$ for a cell phone, there was no payphones, what was I suppose to do? I don't know it's just frustrating because I wanted them to appreciate what I was doing and I am just getting yelled at all the time. These people are so self centered it's not even funny! I don't know just wanted to vent!
I have been there. You have my sympathy. I even had one of my scouts break her arm at a skating party,i was with this little girl over 8 hrs. We could not get hold of either parent or any other emergency contact . when she finally got to the emergency room the first thing she said was "I get one day out and you screw that up." One year of that was enough for me. Micah
I know I don't think I will be doing it again, I just can't believe how rude parents can be! I have 3 girls that I really feel sorry for, but the rest are another story!
Oh! You have my sympathy as well. I have a son ,so mine was Boy Scouts. My x volunteered me! Once I thought about it though, I thought it would be nice to be involved in something my son was so passionate about.

Wow! I could not believe the bickering and one-uping there was between the adults. Instead of Cookie sales its Popcorn sales and boy can those parents get pushy. I was what is called the Advancement chair. I was in charge of ordering and presenting the boys with their awards every month.

After Popcorn awards came in I noticed 2 den leaders kids were the top sellers. Doesn't sound fishy, yet.. One of those dens was my sons. Beings his Uncle was the leader we both knew he had sold more popcorn than his cousin. When I inquired I was informed by both my exbrother in-law and the other leader that it was none of my business. Upon meddling (not me
)I learned that each den (I knew this because I was one of the Moms standing in the cold for 8 hours) sells popcorn as a group, in the mall, parking lots etc. Well these leaders instead of splitting these sales amongst the boys had given the credit to their sons!
The female leader told me it was fair because her "position" as a leader takes time away from her son so he should get the credit!
There were allot of parents, me included that spent many hours planning ans supervising events. There was no extra credit for our boys! I stuck with it until DS was done. Believe it or not they expected me to stay on, no way!! I don't need that stress. The parents can suck the fun out of it for those girls/boys!
HA! I don't think so.

Remind these parents that you're volunteering YOUR time, for THEIR kids. If they don't like it, they can cancel nail appointments and dinner plans so THEY can cart these girls around.
I've worked with the public in one form or another for most of my life( a long time!!). I've done this sort of thing and frankly I found it usually works quite well.
"Oh Thank you for noticing I'm running ragged. How good of you to volunteer to help me get your children here on time. As you can see they try so hard and could really use your help and time. How many kids can you take in you're car?"
" For the ##@$*-hole whose child had to go to the emergency room. "You're such loving parents, She needed her mommy and daddy and no one else would do!".
If you can shame them with kindness, it works better than our knee jerk, shocked responses.
I can't think of any animal I would compare creepy parents to.
I just have to say, as Team Lead for our local neighborhood here in Arizona, it's not "Girl Scouts" that you're upset with, it's the "parents" who take advantage of your generosity that you're upset with.

As the co-leader/cookie mom of my daughter's troop (currently in our 6th year), I must say that I completely understand where you're coming from on this! Unfortunately, a great many parents consider Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts and other children's organizations to be free (or nearly free) child care.

We had our annual Encampment last weekend and one of my troop leaders had the parent of a particularly difficult girl inform the leader that her daughter HAD to go to Encampment, even if her behavior was such that the other girls' safety and comfort was jeapordized by this girl. Why? Because mom needed the weekend away from the girl.

It saddens me that it's the children of these inconsiderate parents who suffer the consequences of their parents' actions where Scouts are concerned. I've found these to be the girls who need Girl Scouts and dedicated leaders the most.

I'm sorry to hear that you would consider leaving your leadership position as a result of inconsiderate parents. I DO, however understand where you're coming from.
I've been there, as a coach for T-ball and soccer. I was a babysitter! Oh, I didn't mind the coaching and the kids were great.
It is just that parents see us as babysitters while they go do what they want to. If the weather turned nasty, who stayed with the kids to wait for their parents to come and get them? Me! Who stayed after the games to clean up? ME! Who brought treats after a game? ME! I even ask for help but everyone else is too busy. Not much help from the parents but I didn't let that stop me from coaching the kids. I just ignored any negative remarks by the parents. Knowing that my kids know that I was (and still am) there for them is enough for me.
I love people.... But being in customer service all my life makes me hate them.... They are sooooooooo.......


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