I need to vent for a minute


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Feb 19, 2011
Went down to the local farm supply store this morning to check out some of the day old chicks that they just got in. They had Buff O's, RIR, sex links and some ducklings. They had these chicks in cattle water supply tanks that were about four feet in length. The food and water was fine, but the heat lamp looked a bit high. I noticed that all the chicks were huddled together under the light. Non of the chicks were even close to the food and water that was on the other end of the tank. For the 15 minutes that I watched them none of the chicks strayed from the huddle. I told the manager that it looked like the heat lamp was placed a bit high, but he could not have cared any less. To bad for me, it's really the only place close that I can buy chicks.

Ohh well, 20 more days until my RIR hatch from the incubator.

Sorry, just needed to vent.

I know what you mean, my TSC delayed their order for a couple of weeks because of the cold so they haven't gotten them in yet but I saw their setup and I was thinking the same thing. I'm almost afraid to go in there when they do get them in because i'm sure I will be saying something!
Its a good thing you called the manager's attention to it, even though he couldn't have cared less.
Sometimes I think the people who put these things together, haven't a clue. Don't you agree?
They would never get away with that where I live. All I would have to say is, "You don't want me to have to call the Humane Society, do you? The chicks are too cold and are going to die if you don't get the light lowered" They would rush to get that lamp fixed in a heart beat.

One of the FEW advantages of living in an ultra liberal university town.
i would've moved it for them... and if they tell me something, i'll just give them the gangster look down...

just like when i walk into a fish store, and i see that they have aggressive fish with community fish, i will grab the net, and move them... LOL... store owners either love me or hate me... but i can't watch and see little critters suffer because of someone's lazyness or ignorance...
another thing to do is walk aroung with a little pocket notebook and jot down comments. If they ask what's up, tell them you've noticed violations in the humane treatment of animals code - or something like. Makes people nervous. You could be from a newspaper, animal rights group, or someone who is going to rat them out on BYC. Ha, we all should have little BYC pins , let them wonder what that means.
Wow, what great ideas. We got it taken care of!!!!! I called the local Animal Control Officer and asked him if he would be willing to just stop by and mention it to the manager. He just called me to say that he went in and fixed the lights himself. He was very nice. I was impressed with how helpful he was.

Great ideas everyone!!


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