I never thought I'd be interested in Guineas, but......


10 Years
Nov 3, 2009
Grenada, Ms
OK, I'm fairly new here, and am a quail fanatic..........but, I live in the country, don't have chickens (yet) but was wondering what the main benefit of having Guineas is?? I know I've heard folks say they are the best night-watchmen on earth, and from what I've also heard, they keep the tick population down. I just know they are very vocal.......LOL. Is there a Guineas For Dummies book available......
There is really only one guinea fowl book, "Gardening with Guineas", however, it really glosses over the "guineas rule the roost" part. They can be very aggressive to chickens as they approach laying age, about 16 weeks old for guineas. I loved mine, but they are extremely loud, sometimes dumb as a rock, but always entertaining. I rehomed them when they began beating up all my red chickens. Yep, just the red ones. Weird critters they are.

ETA: there is another GF book, but I've never seen it in a bookstore.

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