I ordered my birds!


Fluffy Butt Nut
10 Years
Mar 11, 2009
Long Island, NY
Hi Everyone! Howlinggood here! I just put an order in for 8 Buff Orpington chicks for our old chicken coop in the backyard. I cleaned it out this past weekend. Still have to clean out the run a little, buy some supplies and hope they all make it to adult hens. I am so excited. We pick them up at Agway on April 3rd. Wish us luck at our new endeavor - "Schmidt Farms". We decided our little make believe farm needed a name
I just ordered my first batch too
I am hatching some out (If I have done it right) but wanted some different ones. I have Dutch, Ducks, Cochins and RIR Bantams coming in middle of April. Good Luck!
Well, I make three I just order my first chicks also. 25 partridge rock pullets coming in end of april.

Good luck to both of you. I am now trying to figure out how to brood 25 chicks in the house.
I love my orps. They are so funny. Mine run in a pack of 5 everywhere. I just ordered 13 for tomorrow pickup, and 10 for April 6th...i have a problem buying these birds...so will you.

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