I overheated eggs on day 1, but...


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Jun 14, 2009
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I bought some eggs on Ebay - gorgous Polish White Cresteds. The eggs arrived a lot shaken up, with 4 out of 9 having ruptured air pockets, and the air pockets on the others are misshapen.
Anyway, I put them in my incubator, which is a simple still-air styrofoam thing I put together myself, and which had been stable as it could be for the previous 3 days, right at 100F.

Something happened, the temperature inside spiked, and I'm quite sure the eggs reached a temperature of around 105F before I fixed things. I left them in anyway, though, because...I hate to give up so soon. Incidentally, the temp is a very stable 100F now, and has been since the incident.

Anyway, today is day 3 since I put them in. Yesterday I could detect a faintly darker spot on some of the yolks. Today the spots are definite, larger, and darker. But I do not see any veining. They look like they might be expanding blood rings.

I would understand if I killed the poor things. But I can't understand how, if I did kill them, this visible development would still be going on?

I don't expect the ones with ruptured air sacs to hatch or even grow, regardless, but I have them in there anyway, "just in case". The seller told me she has had eggs with no visible air sac which still hatched.

Can anybody give me any thoughts on what's going on with the eggs, given the obvious internal changes, after having gotten so hot?


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Jun 10, 2009
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No its fine, i had a homemade incubator that i was using for my last hatch just a few days ago ( i bought a hova bator for $120 WAAAAY BETTEERRR) but when i first put my eggs in i turned on the light and had the dimmer on full and forgot it and my temp went to 112F for an hour... then i woke up the next day and it was 105F and just a joke around the last 10 days i had the temp. at 96, 97, 98, 99 and it did just fine and serama and button quail are the two hardest eggs to hatch so youll be iiigggghht.

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