I placed an order for my first meaties!


8 Years
Mar 14, 2011
New England
I just placed my first meatie order! Red Broiler (straight run) through Ideal. I only ordered 14 birds (I know, small potatos!)
I figure I need to start somewhere. AND... if they throw in some freebee males - I could eat them too.

I'm looking forward to this new adventure! I've been reading so much about your meat birds and watching so many videos... I'm dreaming about them!
Congrats. I was really debating, but I went ahead and ordered 25 Cornish X and 6 Broadbreasted Bronze turkeys from the local feed store. It will be an adventure. They come some day next week, probably Thursday since Monday is Memorial Day.
I just placed my first order for Cornish Xs yesterday but they won't be here until early September. I will have a lot of regular breeds to process so I'm trying to work it out to where I can do them all at once. I look forward to it though, I've been reading on here a lot the past few hours, lol.
Who do you get your meat birds from,, we have been looking into that also and was just about to buy from happy cackle, but I wanted to do some checking first, also do you get them vaccinated??

It's sure a long way to be shipped in the summer, all the way to NJ. I hope they do well.
Lori, Ideal is one of the sponsors on this site. I ordered them online through their hatchery. I didn't pay to have them vaccinated. I live on a large property and I'm ordering a small amount of birds. Their tractor will be moved daily, so I'm not as concerned with vaccinations. I also plan on feeding medicated in the beginning.

Thanks for all of the replies, y'all.

I hope that it's not too hot to ship them. Ideal didn't mention any sort of concern through our emails.

I can't wait to record and photograph my adventure. I'm sure I'll be posting a bit about them!
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