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    Sep 6, 2011
    Ok My MIL has 4 chicks a little over a month old. Im not sure of the excact breeds because the person I got the hatching eggs from wasnt sure herself. It was more of an experiment to try my hand at hatching eggs. Well we had a terrible hatch rate, but it was a definate learning experience. Out of 40 eggs only 4 hatched. 10% hatch rate. But the 4 that did hatch are doing very well. The problem comes in about another month when we introduce them to the other chickens. They have not had any kind of wormer, or medicine of any type to this day. P was feeding them earlier and noticed that they have little white specs on them. about the size of a grain of sand. Im fairly new to chickens but I have looked into it and I believe them to be lice or white chicken mites. how do I get rid of them. They are currently being kept inside my MIL basement. They are in a 2ft cube of wore I made one time for my daughters rabit. I have heard of something that you buy to put in their water, but dont know what its called or where to get it can anyone help? Thanks in advance
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    I think you can just dust them with sevin dust...and use mineral oil on a cotton swab on their faces to help smother the bugs.
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    Make sure it isn't the shaft of the new feathers. If they move then treat.
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    Apr 15, 2009
    Quote:I was thinking the same thing. Are you sure you are not seeing remnants of the keratin sheaths on new feather growth? If they aren't moving, then they aren't a problem.

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