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Thomas and Cabel stood facing each other, just alike to the untrained eye. Mirror images, each looks like the other. The elder Cabel, as light in color as dark at heart, smiles over the battlefield that has been especially engineered for his younger siblings capture. Thomas, lighter in build and darker in color stands ready for the impending conflict, he with the knowledge that the pure of heart and soul have spirits that are seldom conquered. Thomas scans Cabel’s forces, the odds are about three to four, always Cabel’s favor. ‘Typical,’ Thomas thought, ‘Can never trust him for a fair fight.’ At Cabel’s signal his troops rushed forward into the clearing surrounded by thick forest. Thomas’ team, his warriors and friends fell one by one into Cabel’s hands. Some fell into the awaiting traps, others were overwhelmed by Cabel’s newer fighters. ‘Drat! I knew those odds were to good,’ by this time Thomas had been wounded. Over the din of combat Cabel’s voice sounded, “What are you waiting for! Finnish it!” Cabel looked to his dark following, now quickly leaving the bloody clearing, each had a reason for allying with him, each wanted to hurt someone on the other side. Thomas staggered back into a half-dug pit, and fell to its bottom. As he lay their he heard Storm, younger sister of Mist and one of Cabel’s best warriors, call out, “Be sure to check the traps and surrounding wood don’t want any of them getting away.” Thomas cringed in his hole and looked up at the sky, trying to figure out what fate awaited him when found, and what fate awaits his friends. Cabel’s team had executed their task efficiently, in less than ten minutes the entire field had been picked clean; nothing was left, except Thomas in a half-built trap, which they failed to check. Thomas wearily stood and looked out of the shallow hole. “Why? Why was I left, what about my friends? Why did they fall to Cabel, why them instead of me?”
“What!” Cabel boomed, “You let him escape? How could you let the object of this attack- be the only one to escape?” Storm bravely interrupted her master. “We can easily get Thomas through his team, anyway we all aren’t after Thomas like you are.” Cabel’s eyes lit up, “Yes-Yes that’s it! Thomas will try to rescue his captured friends. How wonderful.”
Thomas with great effort had finally dragged himself out of the hole and up the long winding path to his castle. No one was there, no one greeted his return. ‘That brother of mine.’ Thomas silently mused, ‘He wants vengeance on me for a crime I didn’t commit.
He wants my life because mother favored me. I was born of her true love. Not him, mother rest now in her silent grave because of him!
All of the death, all of the fighting and blood, all- all of it is because of my father and our mother.’ “He has no honor!” Thomas caught himself, screaming in anguish, at an empty castle on a wooded hill. Thomas turned his mind to freeing his friends. He knew what he had to do.
His only armor was the long white cape with his mother’s name embroidered across the back in blood red. His only weapon the old Pyro Sword, his father’s only gift to him. Turning away from the absolute safety of his fortress, he crossed the dense wood, small canyon, and battleground clearing that separated him and his brother physically. He pushed his through the ivy and briers that seemed to protect Cabel’s castle. Cabel was not expecting Thomas so soon and was surprised by the sound of the long broad sword scraping against the large solid door.

“Yes?” Cabel answered from the other side,” Something scratched?”

“Open up Cabel and let them go!”

“Ah the noble Thomas in willing self-sacrifice, comes ‘knocking’ at my door, how touching.”

Thomas composed himself, “If you release them, all of them, alive, I’ll surrender.”

It never fails for you hero types does it? I knew you’d come to me, because I know, without your friends your nothing-.”
the last word ended in a long hiss.

“Let them go!”

“Do I remember a bible story along these lines? A pesky person ran around telling the king, ’Let my people go’?”

“Cabel Allen Blackcat!”

“Yes, Thomas Ebony Blackcat?” Cabel paused, “Fine.”

The massive door swung open and Cabel tossed Thomas some chains.

“What?” Thomas looking questionably at the handcuffs.

“Put them on stupid, I accept your offer.”

“And my team?”

“Oh, yes your team.” Cabel uncharacteristically true to his word released Thomas’ warriors, causing the enchanted chains to automatically lock around Thomas’ hands. Cabel’s eyes sparkled in the diminishing light. Mist called out to Thomas, “We’ll get you out, you don’t deserve this!”
Thomas was only able to shake his head no and plead with his soft green eyes before the door swung shut. Thomas catching a glimpse of the setting sun was sure he saw a sign that read, “Abandon all hope ye who enter here.”​

@44 - This is part of the story from the TerraRelm that I just promised to post.

And above is a map. (not a great one tho-)

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