I realize I have another rooster

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    I picked up a bunch of OE bantam cross hens a few months ago. One of them was a Mille Fleur/OE bantam hen, or they thought she was a hen. I couldn't remember how old they told me 'she' was but I noticed red feathers starting to grow around 'her' neck. Eventually after the red feathers were growing in all over 'her' neck and back I started thinking 'why is that hen colored like a rooster?' I didn't realize it was a rooster until the tail feathers started getting long. Oh that's why it's colored like a rooster, it is a rooster!
    It's so cute and my new favorite roo. I thought about giving him away because I already have 3 roo's but I'm glad I didn't.

    He just started to crow yesterday. So cute!
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    Quote:He's gorgeous!! I'd keep him too. [​IMG]

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