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Apr 26, 2009
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I have to take my son to school for the first time tomorrow. He's 2 and we decided to give him a jump start on preschool and enrolled him in an early learning center. Besides dropping him off at his therapy classes (speech, PT and OT) for 2 hours 3 days a week I have not been away from him. I had no idea this would be so hard. He is only going 3 days a week but it is really freaking me out. He'll have to eat and nap there. In order for them to hold his spot he has to be there from 9-4. My mother just laughs at me and says all mothers go thru this. I am really afraid I am going to humiliate myself and bawl my head off when I drop him off in the morning. I keep thinking of reasons he can't start tomorrow. I dug out an old cigar and went behind the barn and smoked some of it ( I quit smoking last Spring) and now my stomach hurts. I am afraid they won't take good care of him, the other kids will be mean to him, someone may kidnap him, the building could burn down, he may choke on his lunch, he may not go to sleep for them at nap time. AAAARRRGGGGGHHHHHH!!

Please tell me I am not the only mother that has this hard a time.
We homeschool now but my son did head start and my daughter regular preschool at 4.

Nope, your not alone.

You will do fine!!
You are not alone but do your son a favor and don't cry in front of him. Most kids will do just fine even at that age, they don't cry or get upset until their mom starts and then they think something awful is happening and they start crying and screeching and raising all kinds of fuss, because they don't understand why you are crying. So smile, hug him, tell him what a wonderful fun day and adventure he is about to have, leave him smiling, then go to the car, drive home, and cry your heart out. Then dry your eyes and look at the start of a new portion of your life.
You arent alone!
It sounds like something I would have done when my kids were small.
But yes, if you have to cry, wait until you get him settled in.
Okay, do you need child care? If not, 2 years old is WAY too young for those long hours. Your heart is telling you this. If he were really ready, you would be feeling excitment for this new activity and developmental stage. Yes, you might have some bittersweet tears, but not the gut-wrenching anguish you describe.
No, I do not need child care. I gave up my career as a nurse to stay home with him. I gave in to presssure from his speech therapist, doctor, grandmother, and others. He will be 3 in May and is still not speaking so they think that the other children will encourage him to speak. I thought I was doing whats best for TJ but now I am having second thoughts. My husband is off today so he is going with us. I want to put TJ's needs before my wants and this is the first time his needs weren't very clear to me. I keep saying we'll just give it a couple of days.
2 hours three times a week isn't too much for that age. My youngest did all the therapy you've mentioned as well as 2 years of preschool and he still need kindergarten twice. He now does very well in school.

And I cried my eyes out when each of my boys started school. It's a mom thing.
If you read the post closely, it's not 2 hours of school. It's 7. She said he has 2 hours of *therapy* three times a week.

I think 7 hours away for a 2 year old is WAY too much, especially one that's used to having you. For kids that grow up in day care it's probably not a big deal, but that's an enormous adjustment for such a little child.

Have you checked out your local developmental preK? They're usually located at one of the elementary schools and it's up to you how much or how little they go. They offer 3 hours a day 5 days a week but you don't have to send them, and they're specially trained to teach children with specific issues (my dd2 has cerebral palsy and visual impairment).
Guess we all cried the first day of school. I remember my daughters first day. We pulled up to the school, she opened the door and said "bye". I sniffled and said "can we aleast walk you in?" Dropped her off at her class and she was off to play with all the new toys and meet all the new kids...I cried on the way to the car, while my husband gave me no sympathy...I think he was proud of her courage. I think it would be a great thing for your son...and if it isn't you can always try again next year. Give it a chance you might be happily surprised.
Ahhh. I remember that day with my first DD! She was so little but felt so big going into her preschool class. She loved it as I am sure your son will.

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