I really want a few more hens, but don't want to raise up chicks...


10 Years
May 15, 2009
Shenandoah Valley
I have a flock of 8 hens and 2 (I think) pullets. I would like to have a flock of about 15, so I'm thinking I want to add about 6 more (in case of casualties), plus I have room to add. Where can I get a trusted source to buy a few more hens? I know that I really like the red sex link variety, they are very friendly, but am open to getting different types. I especially like BO, and BR...where should I look to find laying hens? The first chickens I got fell into my lap, the roo, hen, and babies were free, someone was getting rid of their flock, and the other seven were a friend who was downsizing and sold me the hens...

Advice, ideas??
just be VERY CAREFUL!!!!!!!! So often people get seemingly healthy birds and they are carriers of some CRD type of illness. You can always buy eggs from a reputable person, and let the hens hatch them when your ready, and they are broody. Then they will raise them for you........and you wont have to work them into the flock. You also would have new layers when the older ones might be slowing down. Good to stagger ages. Just a suggestion
i just got 4, 22 week old red sexlinks from a local farm. They got them as started pullets, all vaccinated etc. got them on Sunday and will keep them seperate for a month at least from the rest of my flock. I think you are close to me, if you are interested i could give you the info for the farm. i think they have 60 more they would like to sell $10 each. oh, and the have each laid an egg a day since they ave been here. pm me in you are interested

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