I said I wasn't getting new chicks this year....but...

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    Apr 1, 2010
    I have 9 duck eggs in the incubator. They are for someone else though. I bought 20 chicks at Orschlen. I have silkie eggs coming tomorrow and I am looking for black copper maran eggs and turkey eggs. While in the barn looking for supplies to build a big brooder for the back porch to get the chicks out of the house I found my white hen laying on a nest in an old doghouse. She is sitting on a bunch of green eggs, I was wondering who my green egg layer was, I would have never had guessed it was her. She is completely white with white legs. I hatched her out last year and I don't have any other white chickens, so I have no idea who she came from but apparently she is from one of the Easter Eggers.

    Yep, I said I wasn't getting new chicks this year...[​IMG]

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