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    Apr 27, 2010
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    I candled today (third day) with my little LED flashlight. First...nothing...then the yolk shifted and OH MY GOD I ACTUALLY SAW THE EMBRYO! [​IMG] I'm utterly stoked right now!

    I have 10 eggs under a broody hen (again, thank you MO lady!). One has a tiny little indent and has little hair line cracks [​IMG] another doesn't seem to be growing, the yolk appears dark, but I want to check it again tomorrow with a stronger light (you could just barely see the embryo's with my flashlight). Still...eight chicks if they make it!

    Momma hen is very vigilant about sitting them. I took her off today to candle them and she did her eye-watering smelly poo, drank, and ate. I put the box with her eggs back in the cage and she started the patented Broody Coo and carefully climbed back on her eggs.

    Only 18 more days till Hatch Day! [​IMG]

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    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Congrats! It is very exciting.. Just wait till you see the chicks heads popping out from under her. Too sweet!
  4. Congrats! I'd pitch the cracked one now, though. I just let one of my broody hens raise some of my chicks for the first 3 weeks of their life, and oh it really IS the most adorable thing in the world! But don't even think about messing with Mama's babies! She was very protective of them, I had her in a cage by herself, and the first few days she was calm because she was just busy keeping them warm, but then after that she got mad when I tried to 'steal' the feeder to refill it, or to pick up a chick. She pecked and clawed me! She did a really good job, raising the babies and teaching them where to eat and drink though. I returned her to the coop 2 days ago so I could work on gentling the chicks. It never gets old, seeing those veins of life, each hatch!
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