I say potato she says egg


11 Years
Jan 10, 2010
Vacationland, Maine
This morning I was tired (still sick and was on call) but I still drug my butt out of bed to let the girls out at their usual time, 6 am. Since I was so tired I must have forgotten to close the garage door behind me on my way back to bed. Not usually a big deal, most of my 33 chickens stay within the confines of the run. Usually 5 escape on a daily basis. I usually let them free range when I'm home, but not this morning.

I went downstairs a few minutes ago to put something away and noticed at the bottom of my garage stairs in my potato bin a chicken laying an egg. It was FatOne, an easter egger.

I let her be, figured she'd finish and go.

Well, it's been about an hour, she's still on her "nest" - she also laid her egg and must have gotten confused because she's currently laying on a potato and her egg is out.

I hope she does not go broody in my potato bin. Although it is a just a wee bit cute.


Too funny! Mine have picked a few odd places too, but none have ever hatched a potato!

What the hecky-doo do you call THAT cross? TatEEr?
Think how unbelievably proud she is of all those huge brown "eggs" she laid! Aw, she's cute - looks just like my EE "Snickers".

deb g

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