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    Jun 25, 2015
    I have been trying to hatch eggs for some time now and after multiple failed attempts I decided that I have to be doing something wrong. I researched the topic for days without seeing any clue as to what I could be screwing up. I kept telling myself "You are missing something and it is going to be something simple". And it was! I have always used the same digital thermometer on each blunder, so I decided to check it. Being at the end of my rope I purchased and new one and checked it against the old. While the old one read 99.5 the new one read 107.1. I could have kicked myself in the arse. I have read in several different threads and other sources to try this many times. I am unsure to why I always just ignored the advice, but I did. So, take it from me, checking your thermometer/hydrometer may seem redundant but it's not, especially if you are having problems. I hope that this will save someone the frustration that it has caused me! If you are having a problem and you think it's something simple, it probably is!

    Happy hatching!
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    Now have you hatched any since you found out this problem? How do you know the new one is not way off? Did you do a eggtopsy on your last hatch---if so did you have any formed chicks inside the egg?
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    Jun 25, 2015
    I should have mentioned that, Yes I have hatched with the new thermometer. As soon as I saw the difference in the two I put a mercury thermometer with them so that I knew which was right. Eggtopsy showed no signs of developing chicks.
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    Mar 23, 2017
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    Don't feel bad, I compromised my very first hatch by making the same mistake. I bought a new thermometer/hygrometer combo to use in my borrowed bator and never checked it. At lockdown, I thought the development looked a bit behind but they were real active and I was hoping it was just inexperience. Day 24 I finally had one hatch that survived, day 25 I had one hatch that was just too weak and died. I was told to check my thermometer. Uh huh. Off by almost 6 degrees. So it was a lot cooler than it was reading. (Didn't help either that my humidity was ridiculously high.) After that I have never incubator with less than 2 thermometers in my bator.
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