I shouldn't use my money for gambling with these odds.......


5 Years
Oct 16, 2014
To make a long story short, 4/5 Chicks are Roos. I want to keep the 1 that is a hen after the boys are taken care of if you know what I mean.Do I have to get here another friend while incorperating her with my full sized hens?
Yeah allow the new one to bond with her a bit before integrating both into the flock together. Even on the off chance your flock accepts her quietly, it is better if she has a friend to pal with. My adult hens don't like to be too far from their bestie or at least one of the other hens in a pinch and I notice as I slowly integrate my newbies that they steer very clear of the big hens and keep to themselves for protection from them (they are like school yard bullies you know.)

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