I showed him! Mean tom, show for the neighbours


10 Years
Apr 9, 2009
The other day while out doing my chores, I was walking around when BAM I felt something smash against the back of my legs really hard.

Turned around and saw my Belts tom, I assumed it was an accident.

Going about my chores and he did it again.

This time I noticed if I didn't look right at him he would "stalk" me and attack, if I looked at him he would pretend he wasn't
doing anything.

Well I walked out in front of the barn and out of the corner of my eye saw him coming at me again. I quickly turned around and reached out and grabbed him by the neck( yelling words not befitting of a lady but I don't like being pushed around)

"You little F%&^%R, I am going to kick your big turkey a$$ from here to next week"

Then I swung my leg over his back basically sat on him and pushed his head into the ground.
"YOU LIKE THAT DONT YOU!! Yeah you do you little...."

Well you get the idea.

Finally I let him go, he sulked off. I felt proud of myself until I straightened up and saw my recently immigrated neighbors large family standing staring at me from their front porch.

I laughed and waved, they didn't even crack a smile.

Anyways I laugh about it now.
I wish you were MY neighbor! I'd let you handle my male goose for me... Him and i have had a few "problems" in the past too....
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A few years ago, one of my eastern wild toms decided I need to be taught who's boss. Each time he saw me enter the pen he would come strutting over and start the "you want to fight big guy?" routine.
Well, I took some shots to the back and swung around grabbing him by the neck, wrestled him to the ground, hand held him until he cried Uncle. He never did that again!

A year later I thinned the flock and sent him to freezer camp.
It was funny. These guys are recent immigrants to Canada they don't speak english well at all. They must have been on their way out because their was the husband, car seat in hand...wife right beside him, 3 older children, standing there staring, not moving, not smiling..... They must really be wondering about the new culture they have moved their family into!

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