I suck with the bator.... so... help?


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Jul 9, 2008
Well No one near me seems to have Scovies.
And no one ships adults/ teens.
Which is what i am more interested in

So, should I wait and try to find someone who will ship or...

Do you think I could order eggs - find someone to hatch them for me - and then have them sent to me? would this work? Anyone done this before?
Muscovy ducks
Ok Goatwalker. I live in Western North Carolina and I have Muscovy Ducks. I don't have any adults I want to find a home for, but we are in the hatching season. I have two 3-week-olds on the ground and three more hens setting, although one will never hatch eggs, because she keeps swapping nests. I'd love to help you out if we can figure out a way to do so. I've never shipped birds before and would be hesitant about trying that. But I wonder if we could develop a relay team - people willing to drive a distance to meet someone else - and move the birds that way.

Or I could TRY to ship you some fertile eggs as soon as I have some fresh ones.

Let me know if I can be of some help.
im not sure driving would be a good idea.

Are the three week olds male or female? And Im wondering If I can find someone who you could send the eggs to , who wouldnt mind hatching for me and then sending them my way . We could prolly ask a few of the experts and see if they can give some info that would be detailed enough for you to becomfortable with. Im really hoping for a female, and If I can convince my Mom, a Drake as well.
What part of Alabama are you in? I have friends in Alabama who sometimes come up here. Perhaps they could bring you some ducks on their next visit.

I have no idea what the babies are. Perhaps someone on here can tell me how to sex them. I can't tell until they are two or three months old. If I had to guess right now, I would say they are probably both drakes, because of the way they carry their tails (curved up) and because, of 10 eggs around here, 8 will be male. But I could be sooooo wrong.

I've got more due in the next week or so and another hen that just started setting. Let me know if you want me to pursue finding out when (and if) my friends might be coming this way.

Someone on another thread is trying to hatch Muscovy eggs in the incubator. I mentioned that you are looking for some. I'll let you know if I hear anything back from them.

Good luck!! I LOVE my muscovies. There is NOTHING cuter in this world, to me, than a baby muscovy duck. Even my DH likes them!! I soooooooo hope you get some.

Hope you have a GREAT DAY!!

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You make me feel all fuzzy inside , just thinking of ducklings

Im mostly looking for a female for my other duck's eggs , since she wont set on them . But I would love to have a drake as well. I have 15 ducks - 9 breeds, but only 9 of those are permenant residents. (lol ) . And yes, Please talk to your friend. Im hoping I can find a hen or maybe even a pair ( depending on if I can sell my two mean drakes) before the first of the month. We always go to the santuk flea market, and they might have a scovie there.
Oh! Ok! Now I understand, I think. You are looking for a female muscovy to set eggs from another breed of duck that won't set. Correct?? So you are wanting an adult female, so you don't have to wait for her to grow up. Am I on the right track here?? (I take care of my 81-year-old Mom who has severe dimentia, and sometimes I think it has rubbed off on me. My mind just doesn't work like it used to, so please forgive me if I'm confusing things). Man! I wish we lived closer together. I have broody muscovies all over the place. Somebody would set those eggs for you. Do you think you could mail them to me without them all getting broken?? If they hatched, we could figure out a way to get the babies back to you.

Come on!! Isn't there SOMEBODY out there with Muscovies close to the Goat_Walker in Alabama????

BTW, what other kinds of ducks do you have?? I only have experience with muscovies.

I'll let you know what my babies are as soon as I know. I'll also find out when my friends are headed this way. Maybe I can find an adult female for you up here. Muscovies are pretty popular up my way. I'll see what I can do.

Stay in touch.

The Old Rebel
Yeppers, I need me a good old Mama duck, seeing as only my buff goes broody and I dont want to place too many eggs under her.

My girls:
Black Swed
4 teens ( buff mixed with - mallard, domestic bibbed mallard, mallrdxbuff)

My boys:
Domestic bibbed
Mallard ( For sale)
BuffxMallard( for sale)
Well, you are on the right track to get a muscovy. They are the broodiest things I have ever seen. Got five females and all five go broody at least twice a season.

Sounds like you've got some nice birds. Do you know how to post some pictures on here?? I don't have that part figured out yet, but I'd love to see your ducks if you know how.

I've got to get off here and go clean my hen house. But I'll stay in touch if I come up with any way to help you. Please let me know if you find one.

Good luck and hope you have a GREAT DAY!!!
the Old Rebel

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