I swore this day would never come...


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Oct 12, 2010
Yesterday morning i woke to a horrible noise! It sounded as though one of my chickens was dieing. Or like, you know when you squeez one of those rubber chickens? Anyways, it was a horrible noise, and it scared the poop out of me! I ran over to check what was wrong, but couldnt find anything, so i left it.

This morning i heard it again, so again i ran into the room scared poop-less. I waited for a moment and it hapopened again.. and again... i stood there watching for a while, only to realise that Dot was CROWING
LOL!! I awoke to a sound like a woman being strangled, INSIDE my house the other morning. Turned out to be my 8 week old Black Copper Marans cockerel starting to crow! Me and the dogs had to listen for it again before we believed it!
Now the older roo outside, is NOT happy at all!!
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The first crows are pretty darned pitiful, aint they

I've got 8 Roos, and 5 of them crow. One is beautiful, one has a more musical tone, and the other 3, well, lets just say they're developing
Sounds like a cross between a dieing cat, a screech owl and a screaming woman
I have some 3-week-old bantam Cochins that are starting to cock-fight in the brooder. I don't know which one did it, but I heard a sort of giggly "skweeeee" from that direction this morning. Made me do a little giggling of my own!

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