I think he's a roo but what breed?


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May 22, 2015

I used to post on here but haven't been on in a long time. Couldn't even remember my previous login lol. Anyways, ordered 5 rare breed assorted female chicks from Meyer hatchery. They are about a month old now and I'm pretty sure "Annie" is actually "Andy". Can anyone confirm and give me an idea on the breed? I can't have roosters here so he's destined for the dinner table unless he's something cool enough someone would want him as a pet.


As a chick he was chipmunk striped with yellow legs.
Leghorns, in general, are egg machines. The brown leghorn is not as common as white, and the boys are stunning. If someone is looking for a handsome, classic rooster type and wants to increase production in their flock this guy would be it.

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