I think he's learned to accept them

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    Sep 25, 2015
    I have one rooster who became that one three months ago when I gave his brother,and my older rooster away.

    He is very docile,and smart,and takes his job seriously.

    Recently I got 6 chicks (Originally was suppose to be 3 Production reds who turned out to be "Fake",and turns out are New Hampshires,and 3 Rhode Island reds.) They are very well tempered.

    I have done the "See,but can't touch method for about 2 weeks when I had very first got them (2 months ago.)Now here we are at 2 months and I have been able to put them with the others,but I still have to supervise.

    Zeus did not like them from the start.He is chick aggressive.The first few weeks I had begun letting them play outside,Zeus did an Ambush on them.He chased them,and he even GRABBED ones back,and flung it in the air,keep in mind they were only "2" weeks old,you know it hurts.But lately I have noticed a complete change in attitude. Whenever he Ambushes them (Which he has calmed down on that,)he just runs at them,no potential trying to peck anymore,he just chases them.But,whenever they begin freaking out and getting stuck in fence,he stops,and he either leaves,or watches almost looking cautious or curious.Also,just yesterday at dinner time the chicks were scratching,eating,huddled up together,he just walked right by them,several times,and just looked at them,no attempts to attack them

    Is he warming up to them,are they ready for the Big "Hen House"?Or is it just because I correct him?
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    I would not trust him with young stock unsupervised.

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