I think I am being abused!

chilling in muscadine

{ I love being disfunctual }
11 Years
Jun 8, 2008
muscadine, al.
My owners have not named me yet and I have lived on the property since birth. On the 10th of june I turned 3 months old. I am a bullwhip. O.K. O.K I know you are wondering what is a bullwhip.

Well that is where a whippet{minature greyhound} sneaks out of his fence and sneaks into a fence that has a prime, awesome full blooded brindle pitt bull and does the nasty.

I had one brother and one sister. My brother has a name and a new home. My sister will continue to live here with myself and guess what? She has an awesome name. Her name is Gurtrude. She can be called Gurt, Gurty and Trudy.

What about me? I need an awesome name to. I want a name that shows my inteligence. Spot and Fido want work for me. Can you fine people at BYC help me with my problem? I would be most appreciative.

no name


Here is a pic to show you what a beautiful dog I am so that maybe you can help me with my delima.

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