I Think I did something stupid......


9 Years
Aug 26, 2010
Just did a search 'bout purple tinged combs.....seems an indication of sick/poison.

I got really stupid yesterday and threw a small toad into the run.........

I just had one of my girls fly up & land on my shoulder--like she likes to do. She and the others are acting and eating fine; but when I looked, all 5 leghorns have purple tinged combs.

I am only a little concerned....but I feel really, really stupid. I should have checked first. I wanted so much for them to have everything a chicken 'should' have.....

I will keep an eye on them today. Any suggestions of something that might 'flush' this sooner than later?


p.s. it really was a small toad, and w/ 28 'girls', I was sure no 1 would have more than a taste.
I would just keep an eye on them. If they are not already showing signs of illness, they probably won't.

FYI: Charcoal can help absorb toxins/poisons if given soon after ingestion. You can probably find it in pill form at the pharmacy or health food store. Never give the kind you use to grill.
HaHa! Dear God!! I appreciate that! No, I'm not that stupid! hahhahaha!

Thanks! Think I'll get charcoal tabs to have on hand.......you never know.
Very cool! I'm glad no one has had a problem with toads!!!

I know no other reason for 5 leghorns to have purple tinged combs 24 hours later.........
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Some species of toads are extremely toxic. I would never deliberately give one to an animal to eat, or even to chase. Even handling the toxic species can be dangerous as they secrete toxin through their skin.

google poisonous toads for information and to see if any inhabit your area.
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Three hours later---no sign of ANY purple tinged combs!!!!

Praise God--I dodged a bullet---and learned my lesson.....

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