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Discussion in 'Meat Birds ETC' started by KatyTheChickenLady, May 31, 2011.

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    [​IMG] I love smoked turkey!
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    Did you brine it in salt/sugar water before you smoked that dude Katy? I have heard that is a good thing to do to keep the breast meat moist. I have a cabinet smoker, but due to lack of time, haven't really played with it much. I have 7 heritage breed turkeys out on the pasture right now, and have hopes of smoking one of them when the time comes.
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    so far I smoked
    1. a goose - did not brine, used WAY too much wood chips - it was good but too strong of smoke taste

    2. A huge meat roo - he should have rested for about two weeks, I did brine but I think it toughened the skin and again too much wood chips. It really wasn't edible

    3. This turkey - It was a store bought cheapie (not even a butterball) all pre shot up with the stuff the factory places put in them so I didn't brine, I got it back in Dec from the neighbors and it's been in the freezer ever since. Had to clean out the freezer for the new crop of meat birds . . . let it sit in the frig for almost two weeks [​IMG]
    I rubbed brown sugar and pickled jalepenos under and on top of the skin, pricked the skin and meat all over WAY reduced my wood chips and put it in for 20 min per lb at 200 degrees . . . perfection! everyone declared it the best turkey they ever ate! The meat was perfectly done & moist with a light smoke taste all throughout. It really was incredible and convinced me that there is a great way to cook cheap store bought meat!
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    Quote:How dare you eat something like that! LOL Have you not learnt anything on here? Just kidding. It looks very tasty. I will try using your time/temp when I do mine.
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