I think I got it!


10 Years
Sep 9, 2009
Lake Butler (Union County)
I know, it might be a little too early to tell but I think I may got it what my chicks breeds are.

The chipmunk looking chicks looks like Sussex and the yellow ones look to be rather Opingtons or NHR.

Wish I can get my hubby's cell phone to work to post pictures to see if Im right!
Here is one of the yellow ones:

here is a "NOT SO GOOD" picture of one of the chipmonks:

these pictures were a few days ago. Hubby's cell phone is not working at all. I tried sending new pictures to my emails but it's just not working. He needs a new cell phone, PERIOD!

I kind of doubt that the chipmunk ones are speckled sussex. My speckled sussex chicks are much darker and redder than that when they hatch. Or maybe you're thinking a different coloring of sussex?
Actually, they are darker then what the picture shows. There was alot of light in the diningroom when I took that picture and plus everythign on hubby's cell would rather look DARKER or LIGHTER, no idea why!
I thought I had some other pictures of sussex chicks, but maybe I never put them on photobucket. The red/brown striped chicks in amongst the blues and blacks is a speckled sussex.

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