I think I got two different breeds....


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Jul 21, 2016
So I purchased these chicks at the feed store. I was told they were all golden laced wyandottes, but I think that may have been incorrect lol. The darker chick is now getting the laced feather pattern, but this lighter chick isn't. And she seems to have fluffy feet lol. Any ideas?
I can't see the darker one to get a good idea...but the lighter one looks like a buff brahma. I'm gonna go out on a limb though, and say neither are gold laced wyandottes! The feed store strikes again!
Buff Brahma - can't see anything but black on the other one.

It's really hard to see in this pic, but I do see the spots on its face, and what I think are long narrow flecks of brown or "gold" of a glw on the feathers.. that's why I said poor quality lacing, it's going to be a more flecked looking bird than laced... I wanted a comb shot to be sure.
I got some more pictures. I'm excited about the 2 being buff brahmas :). I've been a little worried that he Wyandotte might be a cockerel :/


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