I think I have a BR Roo


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Sep 3, 2013
I have 4 2 week old chicks - was told they should all be female - but from what I'm seeing I have one that may be a roo - 3 of them are very dark feathers on the front and 1 is very light - the others also have tail feathers coming in and this one doesn't seem to have them yet - they are barely 2 weeks old - any ideas? I can't have a roo where I live and the place where I got them from said if I end up with a roo they will find it a good home (said the hatchery is 97% accurate with sexting).

the people at the feed store where I got them from said that the breeder is pretty good at sexing them and that he's never had a roo come through. he mentioned that they will change colors too as they mature and some will be black and others will be lighter colors - but that we'd have to wait until much later to know for sure - seems like they all look alike now with their feathers coming in other than the lighter color on the body of that one particular one.

the barred markings on the feathers that I do see all look the same too - so we'll see what happens - guess if I hear one crowing then I'll know for sure it's a roo
I believe your looking at their chest? That is more fluffy down and not at actual feathers.It does change color as they get older.. It will eventually disappear and real feathers will show up. Watch the wing feathers for the coloring as they are pretty quick at showing the pattern. Everyone else is correct though. By 6 weeks you will easily tell, but wait a few days and try posting photos from the side of their wing feathers then... You might get a happy answer before you spend another 4 weeks and get too attached.

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