I think I have a dilemma...


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Feb 1, 2009
My second batch of Muscovy babies started to hatch some time Thursday night, Friday morning...when I left for work the weather was crappy, rainy and not warm at all. I told the hubby to keep an eye out on the babies during the day. He went out to the duck pen at around noon and found 2 baby ducklings in the mud, wet and not breathing. Hubby, being a wife-fearing man, immediately brought the babies into the house, and put them under a heat lamp and called me. I praised him to the heavens, and ran home. The babies were alive, and getting better and more active by the minute. The weather was crappy and rainy all weekend long, so rather than stress them further, I kept them in the brooder in the house. Monday night after work the weather was beautiful, so I brought the babies out to the duck pen to be returned to momma and the siblings. The two babies stood at the fence and peeped like crazy at me. When I reached in to move them closer to momma duck she bit me, which I considered a good sign, that she was protecting them. I watched them for about ten minutes and they started to integrate themselves to the rest of the hatch, so I turned to leave, and one of the little suckers broke out of the baby pen and chased me out of the pen, peeping and carrying on that I was leaving him. I returned him to the baby pen, took 2 steps back, and watched him break out again. Am I creating a monster here? Are these babies better off with momma and their siblings, or being kept in the brooder? My thoughts are that the longer I wait, the more difficult it will be to integrate them to the flock...yes, I am planning on keeping these two little cuties, and they are VERY friendly....but I am quite certain that they think of me as momma now... what do I do? Here is a pic of the little cuties!


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May 18, 2010
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If you want them to stay with mom, put some fencing too small for them to get out of up.

If you want to keep these two and don't mind rearing them, just keep them in the house and have these two who will be more friendly and tame than the others.

Introducing them to a flock later, well how many will be in the introducing flock? It will be harder on them later, but if anything take 2 more babies from mama duck and so you'll reintroduce a group of 4 later on and they won't take as big of a beating being a flock of 4 in a few weeks. Just a few suggestions.
good luck!

By the way they are adorable!


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May 20, 2009
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Well I say ... Be their momma! Everyone needs a few 'special' ducks.

(Though it probably is easier overall to let Momma do the rearing and have them integrated with the rest of the flock.)
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Exactly! I love my bator babies because they can still be ducs but they are FRIENDLY ducks. My duck raised ducklings want nothing to do with me and runa way unless i have food, where as my handraised ducklings stay friendly as they grow up but can still be ducks.


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Jul 14, 2009
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I also love my ducklings that I brooded, they will lay around my feet, come running when i call them. they're trained to come back to the pen when they see their blue bucket (feeding time) and theyre just so friendly!!

i vote you raise them yourself!
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I know nothing about ducks. But I had a Serama chick that I had to hand feed for the first few days. The only way it would eat was if the crumble was on the tip of my finger. As a result the chick got used to climbing up in the palm of my hand where it could lay down and relax to eat. It got very attached to me, woudl cry when I walked away etc. Once it started eating out of the feeder it remained attached for several days. I simply left it to tough it out and actually now a couple of weeks later it is the least friendly chick of the bunch. If I get a little crumble on the tip of my finger it will snap right back to remembering who I am but the next morning will run from me if I reach in the brooder. It's brothers and sisters will jump on my arm to perch.


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Mar 4, 2010
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I don't have a vote but I wanna say good on your "wife fearing husband" for rescuing those babies...and what ADORABLE babies they are!!!!
I know whatever decision you make, it will be the 'right' one.

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