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Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by JusticeFamilyFarm, Apr 10, 2012.

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    What do yo think? The latest post on my blog are the pics of my two chicks (the yellow one is a BO/SLW and the black one is an EE/SLW). I'm pretty sure the yellow one is a "he". They are 6 weeks old in the pics (taken a few days ago). The black one isn't showing any roo signs, so I'm hopeful she's a she- but she was also pecked on her head by the broody hen that hatched them (who rejected them once they were hatched...poor babies!) and has a scar where a comb would be (and all the way to one eye)- so I'm hoping it's not just covering up the comb she would have had. But she still doesn't have waddles- and the roo's got waddles already, too. Not sure I'll be able to keep the roo baby, since I'll have a total of 13 girls and 2 boys if I keep these two (my others-12 hens & one Roo- are about 11 months old)- guess I'll just have to see what happens. Thanks for looking!

    Pics are here: http://thejfamilyfarm.blogspot.com
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    I think you're right. Even the body postures look right for a cockerel and pullet. Congrats, they are cute :)
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    Yep - looks kind of rooish to me....

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