I Think I Have a Sick Hen

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    Feb 1, 2013
    I've already posted this question, but I thought I'd give a little more detail. I have six red sex-links that almost always give me six eggs a day. Lately, one the hens hasn't been laying. Yesterday I noticed that she was ruffling her feathers, pulling her head in, and staying away from the other chickens. Even when I put some grains in the coop for a treat, she just kept standing outside and occasionally pecking the ground. She's still eating and there are no signs of pecking or cannibalism from the other hens. She was standing in the run when she suddenly dropped a shell less egg. It had a slimy white paste all over it and I immediately threw it out. A haven't looked closely but her droppings seem normal. I'll have a closer look later today. Is this disease or just an occasional fluke? Thanks for any help.
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    It's not a disease, it's a once in awhile fluke. Your hen should be acting normal by now.
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    It could be either, first, lookk at her butt and make sure she is not covered with dried poo. Then you could put her in a warm box with some food and water so that she can rest and not be picked on. Research some of the possible conditions and their treatments. I would suspect egg bound, sour crop, or pastey butt. Those are just guesses, though.

    ETA - and Dawg could be right too, the egg may have nothing to do with why she is fluffed up and she could be better completely on her own!
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