I think I have an internal layer--can they ever recover?

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    I have a barred rock, one year old with clear liquid oozing from vent, she's spending lotsa time in the next box (I assume she is not laying anymore as I am down in eggs but can't pinpoint exactly that its her not laying) I have been down on eggs for about a month. She's still eating, drinking, fairly active other than spending more time in the nest box.

    When I went to put the girls to bed tonight, I noticed that she was still in the nest box, so I checked her out.

    I isolated her tonight, soaked her bum in warm water, gave yogurt and acv inher water. I assume she is laying internally, yes? If so, do they ever recover? Or is culling my only option. So far she does not seem uncomfortable.

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    Apr 9, 2009
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    Oh no! I'll give you a bump.
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    Apr 11, 2009
    internal egg in cavity is generally and end to the laying hen
    she probably will last a couple of weeks and then pass
    generally to get the egg back up in the tract in cagebirds that get this
    the vet givesvery high doses of calcium
    some times it helps but 90% of time it is not helpful
    so you do what you think is best

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