I think I have decided

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10 Years
Jun 15, 2009
To aDD TO MY RIR, THAT ARE 9 MONTHS OLD, I will get the white plymouth rocks and the rir all chicks, to add to my rir I now have. I do not think I will get the Deleare, one reason is they say they like warmer climates and we are freezing cold in the winter, with lots of snow., So how many should I GET of the rir and the white plymouth rocks. We have 3 nesting boxes, and the 3 rir I HAVE now and l welsummer all use the same. Shall I get 3 rir and 3 white rocks, they are from different people, I DID tell her to save me 3 white plymouth and 3 white rocks, then someone else to save me 3 rir , and hopefully all those people will come through for me, and not sell them or something, I better get them soon. What do you think on the number ofr chicks to get, odd or even, etc
12 or so chickens total with 3 nesting boxes will work fine - at least, my 12 large fowl seem to be happy with 3 nest boxes.

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