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    So I went on ebay and ordered some books LOL. I may be addicted now.. [​IMG]

    What breeds of laying hens are best for kids? And how would I go about making sure my chickens are friendly/holdable?
    Would I be better off hatching my own and risking a rooster or two in the mix? Or buying chicks?
    Where I live roosters are VERY VERY hard to rehome.
    I'm a total newbie [​IMG][​IMG]

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    As far as eggs go, pretty much any hybrid works. If your kids are younger don't get black sex-links, we had one that would sneek up behind you and "back stab"you if you sat down [​IMG] Red sex-links, Amber whites, and austra whites are all very friendly and are great layers. The only bad thing about the austra whites is that they are extremely broody, but that may just be with my birds. Amber whites are extremely docile and are great with kids: they are big and thus lay big eggs. The RSL's have many marketing names, such as Golden comet, red star, and cinnamon queen, but they are pretty much the same thing.

    If you want a purebred breed, then barred rocks tend to be good layers and are usually friendly. In my expierence, orpingtons are horrible layers, and really only lay well for the first 6 months, and right after they molt. Brahmas are probably my favorite breed ever. They are total lap chickens and will come into the house if you let them [​IMG] They also lay cool colored eggs; one of ours laid brown eggs - with purple spots!
    And then there's the easter eggers - my little momma's girls. When they were little, we would bring them into the house andlet them sleep in a big sweatshirt's sleeves, and when they grew up, all they want to do is hide under your shirt. They are the best pet chickens ever, but don't do to well in a mixed flock, as they are very gentle chickens and get picked on easily.

    And if you want total pets, get a cochin bantam or a silkie. Even if they aren't hand raised, they are super easy to tame, as I know from my neighbor's chickens [​IMG]

    Ok, THAT was fun. I love telling people about breeds - they are my specialty [​IMG] Have fun!
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    And, if you decide that you do want a rooster, get an orpington, a brahma, or a cochin - standard size. Our orpington boy was the most amazing rooster ever. He would really only mate the hens in the morning, and he would willingly attack predators. One time he charged our GREAT PYRENEES - through the fence, but still! Since Arrow was a more docile breed, I figure that brahmas and cochin roos would be awesome too.

    And I just realized that you asked about taming chickens. Obviously, if you get a breed that is known for being docile, they will be easier to tame. The breeds that lay white eggs are typically way harder to tame (i.e., leghorns, andalusians), and the larger breeds tend to be alot calmer. Another great breed for kids - welsummers. not only do they deliver in the egg department, they are gorgeous!

    Again, that was fun [​IMG] Good luck!

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