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13 Years
Jun 11, 2009
I made a ton of home made chicken soup.
I used a whole chicken and cooked it about 10 hours today in my crock pot.....I have a ton!!!

Now Here comes the question: Can I give some to the animals , chickens and ducks? Without being wrong so to speak... Like It might be a long lost cousin I've cooked.

I dunno, feel kinda creepy about it... But as mentioned, I made a huge bunch of it. Half may get frozen and the other half.. well.. Thats where you all need to help.

Annie, I have always fed the hens eggs that don't make the grade, so to speak. I cook the eggs - some people don't but a lot of folks give their chickens eggs.

Sometimes (now keep this under your hat), I've even fed them perfectly good eggs. I've done that just because I've got more than I can figure out a use for . . .

Some folks, won't feed their hens any meat, of any kind. I think that's fine but they'd better be very attentive to balancing proteins (amino acids) if they go that route. Of course, the hens will take the issue of meat eating into their own hands (so to speak), if they come across a caterpillar, frog or mouse in the yard.

chicken protein = chicken eggs = chicken meat

i feed my chickens all my left overs IE.. home made.....cream of chicken, chicken and rice, chicken noodle, roasted chicken those little canibals love it!!!
My chickens always get the carcass after a roast dinner. They love it and I have no issues doing it. They can pick those suckers clean in minutes!
Well, they did not like it. go figure. They only ate a bit. brought it back in and threw it over the fence. owell.
After I've cleaned all the meat we can use off the thanksgiving and Christmas turkeys, the chickens get the carcass.

First time I took a turkey carcass to them, they turned into mini velociraptors!

That's how much they love it.

Somewhere on a thread here, a poster talked about how they processed their own rooster. They said his hen and chicks really loved him--twice!
Your chickens must not need protein right now. They seem to know instinctively what they need - except for sawdust, ours are always trying to eat sawdust!
Mine ate chicken soup but picked out the carrots and celery. The only way to get them to eat carrots is if they are shredded and as much as I love my girls (and their eggs) I won't shred carrots for the little darlings. They like leftover chicken salad, roasted chicken, white chili. No problems at all with being cannibals. They even try to eat the little bits of styrofoam in potting soil.
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