I think I messed up, need a little advice


8 Years
Apr 25, 2011
My peahen had 6 eggs (she stole most from the other peahens) so I got some nice sand and went to buy more straw to make it comfortable for her before she started to sit. When I got home and got the straw unloaded she had already started sitting

I sprinkled a little straw around her and she got scared and got up. I figured it would be a good time to get the sand under the eggs and put in more straw. Now she hasn't gone back to the nest. She was sitting for maybe an hour or 2 at the most. Was that enough to start the eggs (it is 100 degrees during the day even without her sitting on them)? Should I put them in the incubator before they cool or do you think she will go back? I hope I didn't kill the eggs
. Wish I would have left her alone.
I made the mistake of leaving eggs when the peahen left them. An egg broke and my peahen Ice left the nest. I cleaned up the mess and thought she would get back on the nest but the eggs cooled and she never got back on them.
They were on day 5. So I would go ahead and maybe take them because you will hate it if she doesn't get back on them and they cool and then they might not be any good. At least take maybe around half the clutch to incubate and leave the rest to see if she does something with them...
Whew, thank you. I've been stressing all evening. I sneaked in and stole 3 for the bator just now. Little does my poor DH know but he will be helping me build a hatcher in the next few days (I only have 1 incubator with staggered hatch dates now).
Well, she has not sat back on them but she did move them around some and scratch in the sand. Hopefully she will decide to sit when there are more eggs. One of the other peahens laid an egg in the 2nd nest spot I made instead of where they usually lay. I'll be so excited if 2 decide to sit.

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