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I think I might be out of control and in for some trouble.

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by HeatherLynn, May 27, 2010.

  1. HeatherLynn

    HeatherLynn Songster

    May 11, 2009
    Kentucky, Cecilia
    Ok so last year I started with 3 varieties of birds who ended up being all male or never laying even at a year old. Some ended up in the freezer. Some were rehomed in the hope they would lay for someone else.

    I started fresh this year. I got 2 free roosters who are mystery breeds. One died and the remaining one is a feather footed beauty. He is so handsome and HUGE. I also have 4 laying hens I bought who were labeled as new hamshire reds.

    Then I bought babies the first batch were BO's BR's RIR and Brown leghorns. I am pretty sure out of those 8 I have 4 roosters. Those will probably end up dinner unless they really impress me.

    Ok well then there were more babies. This time a silkie and SLW's. Out of these 6 I think I got 2 hens and my mystery silkie who is staying here no matter what.

    And then there were more babies. 6 polish chicks. 1 died and the other 5 are a mystery but I am pretty sure one is a male. Not positive but its a gut feeling.

    I have one large coop thats 15x20 and it has 6 nesting boxes. I have 1 separate 2 story coop that has 2 "apartments" in it that is currently holding older chicks ( teenagers) Fenced in outdoor run that can be expanded during the planting off season and will be sown with foraging friendly green manure crops.

    I know I am going to want more birds and probably more varieties because i can't seem to help myself so how will this all work? What do I need to build. I have 2 sizes of birds so I am sure they will need to be separate which is no issue. Can they be in the run together? Anything I need to look out for? Right now everyone is kept separate until I am sure no one has brought something unhealthy with them but eventually all need to live together. Right now I don't intend to hatch eggs simply because I can't give the time I feel like I would need to do that. Any breeds that could not cope with this kind of mixing?

    Oh and I forgot there are also 4 geese sharing space atm.

    I am in deep consideration of getting a rainbow layers mix next baby season. bad idea?
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  2. Farmer_Dan

    Farmer_Dan Songster

    Apr 9, 2010
    sounds great!! [​IMG]

    Oh I wish I had that much room. [​IMG]

    GL w/ the addiction [​IMG]
  3. gryeyes

    gryeyes Covered in Pet Hair & Feathers

    You and me, both, HeatherLynn. However, I only have one grown-up roo. (Had a "teenager" bantam roo, but the dog killed it, because I wasn't diligent enough.) Because of the loss of that cute little roo, I went to a feed store that had bantam cochins and bought another - hopefully a pullet. Can't buy just ONE, ya know. Got a buff Brahma; I think it's a bantam but I'm not sure. Before the dog got the bantam cochin roo, I'd already purchased two Silver Sebright straight run chicks. I added the bantam cochin and brahma to their brooder. These four just turned 8 wks old and I've put them outside today - it's their first night out of the brooder. *biting fingernails*

    Last trip to my favorite feed store, I saw a WHITE EE pullet chick - OOOOH! Want one. She'd be the ONLY white chicken, that's too big a bulls-eye for a predator, so I also bought a Delaware pullet chick. Then I looked in the Sebright bin again, and there was one Silver Sebright that nobody had bought and it was quite a bit older than the others in the bin. Probably 2 wks at least. Had to rescue it. (Feed store employees say most customers want the "cute" fluffiest day-old chicks. I always try to get the oldest ones, so I know they'll survive.)

    And in the same bin were Golden Sebrights; no goldens were available when I got the first two Silvers. Want one of those, please, the oldest in the bin.....

    So, now I have FOUR straight run Sebrights, with no clue as to their sex.

    My signature reflects the number of fowl I now own. Only 11 over the legal limit for this size of property. [​IMG]

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