I think I need an intervention!!!


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May 19, 2011
I train horses for a living and I've always preached that the only way to make money in the horse business is not to own them
Well I do have a 16 yo mare that I used to compete on. She is bred really well and is extremely talented. A neighboring farm with fantastic foundation bred quarter horses recently lost their trainer and offered me this deal... for training a few of their 3yo they will offer me a free breeding to one of their 4 stallions (my choice {red roan, blue roan, gray, or black}) and offer me my choice of 9 of the said 3yo geldings!!!!
I ponder that by the time the unborn foal will be ready to go my mare will definitely be ready for retirement! So thats a plus! But ugh I also have 5 pygmy goats with one possibly due to kid in August and 29 ducks with 18 in the incubator. AND.... two loyal mini aussies that are always under foot

Am I in over my head??? Do I need an intervention????
All the critters sure do make me happy though
No intervention here. I'm an enabler. If ya have a good home I say go for it. Nothing like raising your own from the ground up, I say.
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