I think I need help?! PICS included........


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Apr 20, 2011
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Posted on Saturday that one of my 17 week old has started laying. Hanging out at the coop today, I found the layer!
My issue is, when she laid it, it was a biggie and there were a few blood spots on the egg? Any ideas? Is she hurt? Here are a few pics of her......

This is just after she laid it......

Here is a close up of the egg with the blood spots.....

OK, the smallest egg is the one she laid Saturday, her 1st one, the 2nd egg is the one she laid today and the white egg is a Large store bought one.........

Thank you in advance for any and all help!
looks like a speckled egg to me, not blood spots
blood seems more to smear, not spot, and if she'd just laid it, it woulda been bright red.

ETA: it's also normal for young hens to have some weirdo eggs right at first, as their bodies figure stuff out.
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First of all...Congrats on ur eggs!!

I am new to this chicken experience also so I thought I would share with you my experience.
My girls started laying the first week of this month...at 19 weeks old. Just a week or so ago, one of my girls laid a massive egg. It ended up having a double egg (shell & all) in it, but my hen is just fine.

I say gently rinse the egg and then refrigerate it and just keep an eye on her for the next couple of days:)

Hope this helps...like I said...I am new too:)
Of my 6 hens, 4 of them had a bit of a blood smear on their first and second (in one case 3rd and 4th) eggs. I wouldn't worry about it, even if it was blood. If you put a drop of water on it and it disolves, it is blood. If it stays on the egg it is probably a speckle, and it is really cool to have a hen who lays speckled eggs (I think).
OK I will do the water test, see what it does. Thanks everyone! I dont think she should be laying speckled eggs as she is a Golden Comet. From all I have read, they lay normal brown eggs. This was technically her 4th egg and it was big so maybe its just trying to get everything figured out in her body. Thanks again!
I don't think you have anythig to worry about--I have a friend and her Golden Comet lays eggs that look like that...just started not long ago..She is her smallest girl and lays her biggest, I mean GINORMESS (I know this is not a word) LOL eggs. One was a double yoker and one was a triple yoker.
And like other BYC'rs have said when they first start it takes some time to get kinks out...don't worry..enjoy and Congrats!!!

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